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Giovanni Grevi
Giovanni Grevi
Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow
Tel:  +32 (0)2 235.08.88

Giovanni Grevi has been working and publishing extensively on EU foreign and security policy, strategic affairs, global governance, foresight and EU politics.

Before joining the European Policy Centre (EPC) in June 2016, he was the director of the Foundation for International Relations and External Dialogue (FRIDE), where he also worked as head of the Brussels office and senior researcher between 2010 and 2012. Previously, he served as a senior research fellow at the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) from 2005 to 2010. Prior to that, Giovanni worked at the EPC as a policy analyst (1999-2002) and as associate director of studies (2002-2005).

Giovanni’s experience includes innovative research projects and publications such as ‘The New Global Puzzle: What World for the EU in 2025’ on the long-term trends shaping the global context of European integration (co-directed with N. Gnesotto, 2006); ‘European Security and Defence policy – The First Ten Years’ on the experience and lessons of CSDP missions (co-edited with D. Helly and D. Keohane, 2009); ‘The Interpolar World: A New Scenario’ on the intersection between multipolarity and interdependence (2009); ‘Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture’ on prospects for international cooperation (EUISS-NIC, 2010); ‘The European Strategic Partnerships Observatory’ on the relations of the EU with major global and regional actors (FRIDE-Egmont Institute, 2012-15); and ‘Empowering Europe’s Future: Governance, Power and Options for the EU in a Changing World’ (co-authored with D. Keohane, B. Lee and P. Lewis, 2013). He also co-edited with D. Keohane FRIDE’s annual books on ‘Challenges for European Foreign Policy’ dealing with renewing EU’s external action (2013), the EU’s extended neighbourhood (2014) and how key powers deal with instability and disorder (2015).

He is currently focusing on the role of Europe in a changing international environment, the evolution of the European diplomatic system and US foreign policy. Giovanni holds an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a PhD in International Relations from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Giovanni teaches European foreign policy and international relations at the College of Europe, Bruges, and at Sciences Po, Paris.

Area of expertise

European foreign and security policy, strategic trends and the international order, transatlantic relations and global governance


Italian, English, French, Spanish

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Public appearances and Acknowledgments

Constructive Powers in an Evolving World Order
22 March 2018

Giovanni Grevi spoke at an international conference organised by the Konrad Adenauer Centre for International Relations and Security Studies in Mexico City on “Constructive Powers in an Evolving World Order” where he outlined a European perspective on how to support a rule-based international system in the face of current challenges and uncertainty.

EU-Japan relations
12 March 2018

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the Institute for European Studies of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in collaboration with the Katholieke Universiteiy Leuven and Waseda University – the ‘Japan-EU Forum’ – where he addressed the EU-Japan strategic partnership and  its implications for the global liberal order.

Regionalism and the Future of International Order
12 March 2018

Giovanni Grevi published an article on The International Spectator journal on ‘Diversity Management: Regionalism and the Future of the International Order’.

The EU in a complex world
20 February 2018

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference at the College of Europe in Bruges on “The EU in an increasingly complex world: internal and external challenges”, addressing in particular transatlantic affairs and prospects for global governance.

Re-energising EU27 report launch in Italy
12 December 2017

Giovanni Grevi took part to the Italian launch event of the third report by New Pact for Europe, Re-energising Europe: A package deal for the EU27, organized by IAI (Istituto Affari Internazionali) in Rome.

The EU, US and China
29 September 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at the conference ‘A New Order or No Order? Continuity and Discontinuity in the EU-China-US Relationship’ organised by the College or Europe in Bruges, where he addressed the EU perspective on foreign and security policy issues.

The World in Disorder
11 July 2017

On 11 July, Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the FES and the EKD on the implementation of the EU Global Strategy and how the EU can deal with a more challenging geopolitical landscape.

A new narrative for Europe
3 July 2017

On 3 July, Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the Committee of the Regions involving young Europeans to debate a new narrative for Europe.

Future of Europe
22 June 2017

On 22 June, Giovanni Grevi spoke to a group of government officials from a variety of countries participating in the Advanced Programme on European Law and Economics supported by the Government of Latvia and other donors.

EU in the world
8 June 2017

On 8 June, Giovanni Grevi spoke at an informal meeting of policy planners from EU member states organised by the EEAS and the EUISS on the impact of the evolving international environment on the Europea Union.

US foreign policy
6 June 2017

On 6 June, Giovanni Grevi spoke at a lunch debate with the Working Party on Transatlantic Relations of the Council of the EU on the future of US foreign policy and transatlantic affairs.

Future of Europe
18 May 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke to a delegation of diplomats from various Asian countries on the current political situation in Europe and prospects for EU reform and differentiated integration.

The EU in a new strategic landscape
11 May 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference on ‘The EU in the new strategic landscape: setting European priorities’ organised by the European Parliamentary Research Service. He focused on US foreign policy and the future of the transatlantic partnership.

The US in a changing world
30 March 2017

Giovanni Grevi delivered a lecture at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) on the main trends shaping the international system and the role of the US therein. 

Europe in a turbulent world
21 March 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke to the Master students from the Strategy and Security Institute of Exeter University on the challenges facing European integration at home and abroad.

Europe in flux
9 March 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at the ‘Leadership in International Security’ course organised by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy on `Europe in flux: adapting to current realities and anticipating future developments’ and led an interactive session with participants on priorities for EU external action.

Trump and Europe
8 March 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a seminar organised by the Robert Bosch foundation in Brussels on relations between the US and Europe.

The EU’s neighbourhood: how to stabilise the ring of fire?
28 February 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the Jacques Delors Institute – Notre Europe addressing the EU’s approach towards the regions surrounding the Union. He focused on the challenges of stabilisation and the role of security sector reform in that context. 

EU-US relations
16 February 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a seminar organised by the European Institute for Public Administration on EU-US relations and American foreign policy under the Trump administration.

From presence to influence: New patterns for the US and China?
6 February 2017

Giovanni Grevi has published a commentary for the Elcano Royal Institute that draws on the findings of the Elcano’s Global Presence Index and looks at how the US and China may convert their international presence in global influence in coming years, given the evolution of the foreign policies of these two powers.

The European defence of Europe
6 February 2017

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a conference organised by the Egmont Institute in Brussels addressing prospects for Europe to become an autonomous strategic actor on defence matters.

Rethinking European Futures
13 January 2017

Giovanni Grevi participated in a foresight seminar on ‘Rethinking European Futures’ organised by the European Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin, where different scenarios on the future of European foreign policy were debated. 

The future of Europe’s global presence
16 December 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a breakfast debate organised by the Elcano Royal Institute addressing the main findings of the Elcano Global Presence Index. He focused on the evolution of the global presence of the US and China.  

Transatlantic fragmentations and policy adaptation
9 December 2016

Giovanni Grevi took part in a scenario excericse organised by the German Marshall Fund of the US addressing domestic politics and foreign policy in the European realm; lessons-learnt from Transatlantic interventions and facing the Russian test.

US elections and foreign policy
6 December 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a seminar organised by the European Ideas Network (EIN) on `The outlook for the US presidential elections and beyond’.

Second EU-Israel strategic dialogue
1 December 2016

Andrea Frontini, Giovanni Grevi and Marco Giuli represented the EPC in the ‘Second EU-Israel Strategic Dialogue’, which took place in Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel, on 30 November-1 December 2016. The Dialogue was organised by the Forum of Strategic Dialogue (FSD), the European Leadership Network (ELNET) and the EPC, with the aim to promote a closed-door, high-level debate between European and Israeli practitioners and specialists on the issue of ‘What Challenges and Opportunities for EU-Israel Cooperation in a Transforming Regional and Global Environment?’.

How can we govern Europe?
17 November 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at the conference ‘How can we govern Europe?’ in Rome on the impact of Donald Trump’s election for Europe and transatlantic affairs. 

US election results
10 November 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a meeting of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the United States on the US election results and implications for the transatlantic relationship.

What ambition for defence in the EU?
19 October 2016

Giovanni Grevi has published a commentary with the Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) on the latest developments in the debate on defence in the EU and the priorities of different actors with a view to enhancing the EU’s strategic autonomy. He argues that flexible forms of cooperation will be required to achieve significant progress. 

Europe and sovereignty: Realities, limits and projects
29 September 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a seminar organized by the Egmont Institute, Eurodefence and the Robert Schuman Foundation on `Europe and Sovereignty: Realities, Limits and Projects’. In particular, he addressed the question of sovereignty and power in the current global context and implications for Europe as an international actor. 

Prospects for US foreign policy
28 September 2016

Giovanni Grevi spoke at a meeting at the European Parliament on prospects for US foreign policy ahead of the presidential elections. He presented the ongoing debate on the foreign policy record of the Obama administration and looked at prospects for US foreign policy after the elections, given the current electoral campaign.

Transatlantic relations and EU-China cooperation
5 September 2016

On 5 September, Giovanni Grevi, Andrea Frontini, Juliane Schmidt and Balazs Ujvari discussed Transatlantic relations and EU-China cooperation with a delegation of scholars from the China Institute for International Studies.

A Global Strategy for a soul-searching European Union
15 July 2016

Giovanni Grevi's piece, 'A Global Strategy for a soul-searching European Union', featured on the website of the European Union Global Strategy. In his discussion paper, Giovanni takes a closer look at the EUGS and assesses its main rationale, features, added value and prospects against the backdrop of an ever more complex world.

Governing Europe
16 June 2016

Janis A. Emmanouilidis and Giovanni Grevi spoke at a seminar organised in Brussels by the Istituto Affari Internazionali, the Centro Studi sul Federalismo and the Open Society European Policy Institute on ‘Governing Europe: How to make the EU more efficient and democratic’. Their remarks focused in particular on options for differentiated European integration in a context of political fragmentation.