• Latvia’s priorities for the Council Presidency
  • Towards a New Pact for Europe - second report
  • Towards a New Industrial Policy for Europe
  • Winter is coming – Is the EU ready for gas disruptions?
  • The economics of EU enlargement to the Balkans – Pillar or straw?
  • Heading for Peru - The road to an ambitious global climate agreement in 2015?

Latest publications

EPC Special Collection: Moldovan Elections
28 November 2014Collection of analysis on Moldova

EPC Special Collection: Investment in Europe
27 November 2014Analysis on Europe's investment future

Towards a New Pact for Europe - second report
13 November 2014A broken Europe needs a New Pact

Towards a New Industrial Policy for Europe
12 November 2014A new life for industry, a new life for Europe

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Times of Israel
28 November 2014
Denmark set to vote on Palestine recognition
Rosa Balfour

Daily Star (Lebanon)
27 November 2014
EU proposes $380 billion plan to boost investment
Fabian Zuleeg

News.az (Azerbaijan)
27 November 2014
Minsk Group has become a conflict manager rather than a solver
Amanda Paul

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