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Policy Dialogue
The geopolitics of nuclear energy

Thursday, 06 February 2020


Frédéric Lelièvre
Kamil Klysinski
Researcher, Centre for Eastern Studies
Kasper Kivisoo
Chairman, Hydro CoE
Klaus Buchner
Member of the Committee on Research and Energy, European Parliament
Massimo Garriba
Director of Nuclear Energy, Safety and ITER, Directorate-General for Energy
Mehmet Ogutcu
Chairman, Global Resources Partnership
Samuele Furfari
Université Libre de Bruxelles


Amanda Paul
Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
Paul Ivan
Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

For decades the global nuclear energy industry was a highly diverse and vibrant market. Today the situation has changed with the global nuclear energy market becoming increasingly dominated by the state-owned companies of Russia and China. Both countries are continuing to step up efforts to strengthen their position in the global markets, especially in critical regions such as the Middle East and South Asia. Nearly two-thirds of the new reactors under construction worldwide are using designs from China and Russia. This development has heightened concerns about a weakening of nuclear governance standards, as well as potential political, economic and international security implications for Europe, its neighbours and partners.
This Policy Dialogue will comprise two panels. The first will focus on broader issues of geopolitics in nuclear energy and the implications of this new trend. The second panel will look at EU policies and responses to this growing threat, including looking at what the EU could do to ensure the safety and security of its members and neighbours. 
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