Reports 2016

The impact of the Syrian war on Lebanon and Jordan

22 September 2016

The Syrian conflict has evolved into one of the biggest humanitarian crises of recent times, with neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon on the frontline. According to some estimates, Lebanon now hosts more than 1.1 million Syrian refugees while Jordan has some 600,000. The refugee crisis has severely impacted the security and socio-economic situations of both countries. International organisations, including the EU, have been delivering assistance to Lebanon and Jordan via humanitarian channels and continue to have broad cooperation with the two countries on a broad range of issues, including counter-terrorism. Against this background, what can we expect from the most recent developments in the Syria conflict both on the ground and at political level? What are the main challenges related to the flow of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan? And how could resettlement be reorganised in order to provide better assistance to the refugees?

Speakers included: Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC); HE Yousef Bataineh, Head of the Mission of Jordan to the EU; HE Rami Mortada, Head of the Mission of Lebanon to the EU; Christian Berger, Director, Middle East and North Africa, European External Action Service; Edouard Rodier, Director NRC Europe, Norwegian Refugee Council; Joost Hiltermann, Director, Middle East and North Africa, International Crisis Group