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The EPC is run by an international team from diverse backgrounds all over Europe. The organisation is led by the Chief Executive, Fabian Zuleeg, the Deputy-Chief Executive, Jannis Emmanouilidis, and the EPC Management Team.

Analysts are responsible for delivering various research projects, programmes, and publications. Each programme is headed by a senior policy analyst and supported by analysts and programme assistants.

The operations team consists of events, communications, project, and finance professionals who ensure the smooth running of the EPC.

The EPC supplements its expertise by drawing on a pool of external experts, Senior Advisers, and Academic Fellows from across Europe. 

If there are no vacancies advertised in this spot, we do not have any current openings. You are advised to watch and wait for opportunities to be advertised.

Students with institutionally paid internship programmes looking for placements are invited to contact us at and indicate in the email to which Programme the application is for. We cannot accept applications from interns without this kind of funding. If you are looking for a paid internship in the EPC, please keep an eye on this page for Programme Assistant positions.

The EPC is an equal opportunities employer. We value diversity and particularly encourage applicants from less well-represented sectors of society.

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