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Building public trust to successfully deploy AI in EU healthcare
By Danielle Brady - 26/01/2022
Foreign policy / OUTLOOK PAPER
Europe in the world in 2022: The transatlantic comeback?
By Amanda Paul , Ivano di Carlo , Guillaume Van der Loo , Réka Koleszár , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia , Ricardo Borges de Castro , Iana Maisuradze , Ionela Ciolan , Maxime Sierro - 21/01/2022
Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from Poland
By Monika Sus - 12/01/2022
General news / NEWS
Season’s Greetings
By European Policy Centre - 17/12/2021
General news / NEWS
In memoriam - Jørgen Henningsen
By European Policy Centre - 16/12/2021
Eastern Partnership / COMMENTARY
Lessons from the Eastern Partnership: Looking back to move forward
By Amanda Paul , Ionela Ciolan - 14/12/2021
Connecting Europe / NEWS
Connecting Europe starts its third project phase
By European Policy Centre - 10/12/2021
Social investment / POLICY BRIEF
Rethinking EU economic governance: Social investment
By Laura Rayner - 09/12/2021
Eastern Europe / COMMENTARY
Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from the Baltics
By Justinas Mickus - 07/12/2021
Future-proofing resettlement policies: Next steps for resettlement and community sponsorship in the EU
By Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn , Silvia Carta - 06/12/2021
Economic governance / POLICY BRIEF
Rethinking EU economic governance: The European Semester
By Frederico Mollet - 03/12/2021
Climate & energy / DISCUSSION PAPER
A just energy transition: Tapping into a century of ideas
By Thijs Vandenbussche - 30/11/2021
Disinformation / ISSUE PAPER
From debunking to prebunking: How to get ahead of disinformation on migration in the EU
By Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Paul Butcher - 29/11/2021
EU enlargement / POLICY BRIEF
Escaping the Transactional Trap: The way forward for EU Enlargement
By Corina Stratulat , Marko Kmezić , Srdjan Cvijic , Gjergji Vurmo , Matteo Bonomi , Zoran Nechev , Natasha Wunsch , Miran Lavrič - 26/11/2021
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from the Netherlands
By Luuk Molthof , Martijn Haas - 22/11/2021
Economic governance / POLICY BRIEF
Rethinking EU economic governance: The Stability and Growth Pact
By Francesco De Angelis , Frederico Mollet - 19/11/2021
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from the Nordics
By Niklas Helwig , Valentin Kreilinger - 18/11/2021
Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from Italy
By Nicoletta Pirozzi - 10/11/2021
Terrorism & radicalisation / DISCUSSION PAPER
Hiding in plain sight? Disguised compliance by terrorist offenders
By Amanda Paul , Ian Acheson - 09/11/2021
Democracy / POLICY BRIEF
Towards a European Code of Conduct for ethical campaigning
By Paul Butcher , Johannes Greubel - 05/11/2021
The European Green Deal: How to turn ambition into action
By Annika Hedberg - 04/11/2021
Democracy / CONFERENCE
Forging a new democratic frontier in Europe
By Corina Stratulat - 28/10/2021
Multilateralism & global issues / CONFERENCE
Europe in transition in a world in transition
By Ricardo Borges de Castro - 28/10/2021
General news / NEWS
Annual Report 2020
By European Policy Centre - 27/10/2021
General news / NEWS
Introducing new Chief Operating Officer (COO) Emma Woodford
By European Policy Centre - 30/09/2021
The debate on the future of Europe has a German problem
By Johannes Greubel , Janis Emmanouilidis - 16/09/2021
Uninspired or indifferent? EU policy in the 2021 German election manifestos
By Sophie Pornschlegel , Alexandra Salomonsová - 03/09/2021
What will Germany’s elections mean for the EU?
By Sophie Pornschlegel - 25/08/2021
Solidarity / ISSUE PAPER
Solidarity in the EU: More hype than substance?
By Sophie Pornschlegel - 28/07/2021
After Merkel: Where will Germany stand in Europe?
By Johannes Greubel , Sophie Pornschlegel - 22/07/2021
Foreign policy / COMMENTARY
History matters for the EU’s geopolitical ambitions
By Fraser Cameron , Shada Islam - 15/07/2021
How to get European businesses to digitalise
By Frederico Mollet - 14/07/2021
Six years later, the need for the Iran nuclear deal is as strong as ever
By Amanda Paul , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia - 14/07/2021
Rule of law / OP-ED
The Slovenian EU Presidency will be a search for Europe's heart
By Georg Riekeles , Perle Petit - 06/07/2021
Climate & energy targets / POLICY BRIEF
Is the EU's building renovation wave 'fit for 55'?
By Thijs Vandenbussche - 30/06/2021
Biden and Putin on a tightrope, Europe on the sidelines
By Amanda Paul , Ivano di Carlo - 29/06/2021
EU–UK climate cooperation post-Brexit: A case for optimism?
By Jannike Wachowiak - 28/06/2021
Regional development / POLICY BRIEF
Recovery and reform in the EU’s most vulnerable regions
By Alison Hunter , Marta Pilati - 21/06/2021
Single market / OP-ED
Switzerland’s Brexit Moment
By Georg Riekeles - 15/06/2021
Migration / POLICY BRIEF
‘When Mayors Make Migration Policy’: The future of city diplomacy
By Petra Bendel , Janina Stürner , Christiane Heimann , Hannes Schammann - 10/06/2021
NATO and Georgia 13 years on: So close, yet so far
By Amanda Paul , Iana Maisuradze - 31/05/2021
Migration / 2021 MEDAM Assessment Report
The EU and Turkey: Toward sustainable cooperation in migration management and refugee protection
By Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Matthias Lücke , Martin Ruhs , Saime Özçürümez - 28/05/2021
EU–South Asia relations in the 21st century: Rethink, reimagine, reshape
By Ivano di Carlo , Shada Islam - 25/05/2021
The youth climate movement: Out of sight, out of mind?
By Sara Viitanen , Melanie Bernhofer - 07/05/2021
Future of Europe / DISCUSSION PAPER
Balkan youth speaks up about digital issues: Lessons for the Conference on the Future of Europe
By Corina Stratulat , Paul Butcher , Paul Butcher - 04/05/2021
Georgia’s road ahead: Time for the EU to show some tough love
By Amanda Paul , Iana Maisuradze - 30/04/2021
EU Governance / COMMENTARY
The von der Leyen Commission: On trial again
By Georg Riekeles - 29/04/2021
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Could the Brexit domino effect come back to haunt us?
By Fabian Zuleeg , Jannike Wachowiak - 23/04/2021
The Cyprus problem: Has time run out for reunification?
By Amanda Paul - 22/04/2021
China’s grand industrial strategy and what it means for Europe
By Frederico Mollet - 21/04/2021
General news / NEWS
New members of the EPC Governing Board
By European Policy Centre - 29/03/2021
Industrial policy / POLICY BRIEF
Updating the European industrial strategy for the post-pandemic world
By Marta Pilati , Frederico Mollet - 29/03/2021
Structural reforms / DISCUSSION PAPER
Europe after the Brits
By Andrew Duff - 25/03/2021
EU–Russia relations: Adding insult to injury
By Amanda Paul , Ivano di Carlo - 24/03/2021
Industrial policy / COMMENTARY
Bridging the political divides over industrial strategy
By Frederico Mollet - 17/03/2021
Labour migration / ISSUE PAPER
The EU’s legal migration acquis: Patching up the patchwork
By Tesseltje de Lange , Kees Groenendijk - 16/03/2021
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
The Conference on the Future of Europe: Mind the gaps!
By Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis - 12/03/2021
EU Governance / COMMENTARY
Europe in the age of permacrisis
By Fabian Zuleeg , Janis A. Emmanouilidis , Ricardo Borges de Castro - 11/03/2021
Inequality / COMMENTARY
The Pay Transparency Directive: One small step for womankind
By Laura Rayner , Danielle Brady - 08/03/2021
The European Parliament flexes its muscles on the EU–UK trade deal
By Guillaume Van der Loo , Merijn Chamon - 05/03/2021
Foreign policy / COMMENTARY
Stepping into the driver’s seat: The EU should double down on US–Iran diplomacy
By Amanda Paul , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia - 25/02/2021
The EU–UK relationship: It is what it is
By Fabian Zuleeg , Jannike Wachowiak - 17/02/2021
Well-performing public services for a fair and resilient European society
By Simona Guagliardo , Mihai Palimariciuc - 10/02/2021

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