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Can the Europe 2020 Strategy bring real changes to ordinary people’s lives?

22 March 2010

In this new issue of EPC’s policy journal Challenge Europe - Europe 2020: Delivering well-being for future Europeans, representatives from politics, business, academia, civil society and government make a number of recommendations on how the Europe 2020 Strategy can improve the well-being of Europe’s citizens.

This publication is intended as a contribution to the deliberations of the recently published Commission proposals for Europe 2020 at the forthcoming Spring Council this week, but its conclusions are relevant throughout the duration of the Strategy.

Chapter one: ‘A new environment, and a new direction’, says the new Strategy must reflect the changing environment, stressing green growth, preserving the welfare state in an ageing society and using a more sustainable business model.

Chapter two: ‘The need of a new approach, new framework’ argues a new framework is needed that puts more emphasis on involving all levels of government, and improves implementation.

Chapter three ‘What can the EU do? Some EU priorities’ looks at examples of where the strategy should lead to a prioritisation of EU actions.

In bringing all these analyses together, the authors outline ten key principles on which to base the Strategy so that it can deliver real change for ordinary citizens. It should:

  • be more ambitious and radical;
  • show leadership and achieve buy-in;
  • breakdown policy silos;
  • tackle Europe’s key challenges;
  • improve implementation mechanisms;
  • recognise the need for multi-level and multi-actor implementation;
  • be evidence-based and realistic;
  • be applied consistently in all the EU’s own policies and programmes;
  • not be rushed, allowing time for careful analysis and consideration.


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