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EPC launches ‘Well-being 2030’ research project

11 May 2010

The project investigates what policy choices are most inclined to deliver a higher level of well-being for European citizens by the year 2030. The reflection on the future of Europe’s economic and social models including the trends, challenges and constraints framing policy choices for improving citizens’ quality of life are at the core of the project.

This forward-looking project is stimulated through a range of activities, from analysis to research, panels and communication activities, which aim to deliver three key outputs:

  • to bring the insights of the research on well-being definition and measurement into the policy debate over the long-term future of Social Europe.
  • to analyse Europeans’ values and preferences in order to sketch a picture of a future society delivering higher level of well-being for its citizens.
  • to identify the strategic policy choices (social, economic and environmental) reflecting Europeans’ preferences and considering the current challenges as well as resources available to deal with these challenges.

The project analyses the main policy areas that impact on citizens’ quality of life, with a particular emphasis on areas where there is a specific European policy interest. That includes labour market policies, health/lifestyles, education, demographics/migration, integration and inequalities, and public finances/financial sustainability. The key question of how to ‘measure’ well-being, the challenges and factors which influence social conditions, and what kind of social provision citizens want in the European Union of the future is also addressed. Moreover, the project pays particular attention to highlighting trade-offs or synergies among policy areas.

Project outputs will include a range of publications, conferences and events analysing key challenges, social conditions and policy responses; stimulating debate; and disseminating the results of these discussions. A list of the previous activities of the project can be found on this webpage.

This project is one of the EPC’s core activities and the EPC hopes to actively involve as many of its members and other stakeholders as possible in this work and in becoming part of the broader network which will contribute to deciding in what kind of Europe we will live in the decades to come.

For more information, please contact Dr. Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Economist: Tel: + 32 (0) 2 286 11 91; Email:


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