European Migration and Diversity

Overall objective and focal areas of the programme

The overall objective of EPC’s Migration and Diversity Programme (EMD) is to generate and develop policy recommendations, provide decision-makers and the wider public with expertise and independent information, as well as to promote a positive and constructive dialogue on the multidimensional consequences of Europe’s migration management crisis. With a multidisciplinary team, the EPC is following and contributing to the policy debate from several angles:

  • The reform of the Common European Asylum System.
  • The integration of beneficiaries of international protection in the host societies with specific attention to their employment in the labour market.
  • The implementation of hotspots in Italy and Greece as well as relocation and resettlement mechanisms.
  • The external dimension: EU cooperation with countries of origin and transit, the migration and development nexus, remittances.
  • The impact of Brexit on the rights of EU citizens.
  • The link between migration and populism.
  • The management of the EU’s external borders and cooperation with neighbouring countries to this end, in particular Turkey and Libya.
  • The EU’s enduring need for legal migration (also as a means to ease pressure on irregular flows).

The ongoing migration management crisis

The migration management crisis (often called the “refugee crisis”) will stay with the EU for years to come. Against this background, EU policymakers will be in constant need of objective and informed policy ideas and analysis to ensure the legitimacy of the decisions they take and the effectiveness of the policy instruments they set up. The EMD team thus plans to carry on its monitoring and policy shaping activity in this particularly challenging context. In collaboration with analysts from other EPC teams, the EMD programme will follow, accompany and advise policy makers on the different components of this multidimensional crisis.

In this programme


Programme Team

Head of European Migration and Diversity programme and Senior Policy Analyst

Marie De Somer

Policy Analyst

Frank Mc Namara

Junior Policy Analyst

Katharina Bamberg

Programme Assistant

Olivia Sundberg Diez

Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies

Yves Pascouau