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Albania and the EU - The new government's roadmap to 'candidate status'
22 November 2013

After two “Nos” in 2010 and 2011 and a conditional recommendation for ‘candidate status’ in 2012, Albania was finally given the green light by the European Commission for the candidate status on 16 October.

Albania and the EU

Post-Summit Policy Briefing
28 October 2013

The October European Council was a rather low-key affair, with no ground-breaking decisions taken on any of the main issues on the agenda. While EU leaders have pledged to discuss key issues at future summits, there is a danger of complacency.

Post-Summit Policy Briefing

The future of the Western Balkans and the role of Turkey
25 September 2013

Having been absent from the Western Balkans for a long time, Turkey has made a steady comeback over the last decade, but must ensure that it takes an “inclusive” approach towards engaging with the region and not repeat previous mistakes.

The future of the Western Balkans and the role of Turkey

European energy policy - Towards greater solidarity
12 September 2013

The EU must address energy supply security and the continuing failure to complete the Internal Energy Market if it is to deliver affordable energy to the economy and keep promises to deliver economic growth and create jobs.

European energy policy - Towards greater solidarity

The Turkish economy: the road ahead
10 July 2013

The Turkish economy was not in good shape just 15 years ago. But since then the economy has boomed and withstood the crisis, partly due to the impact of the EU accession process.

The Turkish economy: the road ahead

The European Parliament elections 2014 – Breaking the mould or more of the same?
10 July 2013

The next European elections could be a watershed moment in the history of the EU, with the economic crisis potentially triggering unprecedented support for Eurosceptic candidates.

The European Parliament elections 2014

Post-Summit Briefing
1 July 2013

The EU should either develop a more comprehensive strategy or be more humble in its objectives.

Post-Summit Briefing

Money and politics – Cleaning up democracy in the Balkans
25 June 2013

Money can mean trouble if it comes from dubious sources and the use of corrupt money is more tempting in weak democracies.

Money and politics

Turkey-Armenia relations - Bilateral and regional perspectives and challenges - Roundtable
20 June 2013

This roundtable discussion, organised in cooperation with TUSKON, looked at the status quo on Turkey and Armenia and the broader region, prospects for attempts at normalisation and what shape that might take, and the work of civil society.

A choice between a ‘United States of Europe’ and ‘Eurocalypse Now?’
6 June 2013

The current crisis is making some EU countries realise that their relationship goes deeper than simply what is in the Treaties: there are common interests bringing them together and forcing them to act as partners.

A choice between a ‘United States of Europe’ and ‘Eurocalypse Now?’

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