Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Reducing Europe’s dependence – An opportunity for a more coherent, ambitious energy and climate policy
26 June 2014

Could the crisis in EU energy security become an opportunity for a comprehensive policy on climate and energy?

Reducing Europe’s dependence

The 2014 country-specific recommendations: what’s new in EU elections governance?
18 June 2014

In June, the European Commission published its country-specific recommendations, marking the final step in the European Semester, the EU's calendar for economic policy coordination aimed at improving the coordination of national policies at EU level and economic governance in the EU.

The 2014 country-specific recommendations

Learning from each other: Creating more sustainable and greener societies in China and the EU - Roundtable
12 June 2014

The EU puts a lot of emphasis on promoting a more sustainable economy within Europe and at an international cooperation level. The growing relationship of China and the EU in areas such as trade, security, economic governance, and its increased interest in promoting a more sustainable and greener socio-economic model have turned China into a key partner for tackling environmental challenges on a global scale. In order to discuss such relevant issues, the EPC organised an ‘EU-China Roundtable’, in cooperation with the Mission of People’s Republic of China to the EU.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement and TTIP - Threat or opportunity?
3 June 2014

During the last few months, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, has come under much public scrutiny.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement and TTIP

What future for European industrial policy? Three possible scenarios - Task Force meeting
14 May 2014

The Task Force meeting discussed the three scenarios presented in the EPC Discussion Paper entitled ‘Sharing the same vision – The cornerstone of a new industrial policy for Europe’.

TTIP and agriculture – Too tough to handle?
10 April 2014

Over the last few months, talks have occurred on the Transatlantic Trade and Partnership Agreement which aims to reduce tariffs and eliminate regulatory barriers across a wide range of sectors for the US and the EU.

TTIP and agriculture

Water as a human right - Task Force Workshop
25 March 2014

Water is a biological necessity for life and access to a clean and safe supply for drinking, cooking, hygiene and sanitary purposes, is a human right under international law.

The process of offshoring-reshoring: what impact on jobs and the value chain? - Task Force meeting
11 March 2014

The Task Force meeting discussed the role and impact of offshoring and reshoring on global value chains and jobs in Europe. The example of German companies was also presented as well as the case of a French innovating company in the textile industry.

Transatlantic Perspectives on TTIP - What prospects for SMEs?
11 March 2014

The TTIP will become the world’s largest free trade pact.

Transatlantic Perspectives on TTIP

Aviation in Europe: contributor to growth and competitiveness?
6 March 2014

Europe's aviation sector must adapt swiftly if it is to keep its place at the pinnacle of the global air travel industry, according to EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas.

Aviation in Europe

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