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Shaping the EU system of diplomacy: the European External Action Service and the future of foreign policy
11 March 2013

The challenge for the nascent European External Action Service is to carve out a role for itself in an increasing complex global foreign policy environment.

Shaping the EU system of diplomacy

Legal migration policies in Asia and the EU: common problems and challenges?
6 March 2013

Both Asia and Europe are facing common problems in terms of demographic change, the need to rebound from the economic crisis and worries about their attractiveness in light of projected needs for legal migration.

Legal migration policies in Asia and the EU

Azerbaijan and the EU: the road ahead
5 March 2013

Azerbaijan’s future direction is unclear amid concerns about democratic standards, human rights and civil liberties.

Azerbaijan and the EU: the road ahead

China’s leadership change – Implications for the business climate and Sino-EU economic relations
12 February 2013

China’s political transition will not signal major policy changes, but growing income and rural-urban inequality, environmental degradation and corruption will put a strain on the country’s social fabric even as the economy continues its impressive growth.

China’s leadership change

Elections in Israel and prospects for the Middle East - Roundtable
16 January 2013

This roundtable discussed the implications of the anticipated shifts in domestic politics in Israel and the possible impact of the elections on political dynamics in the Middle East and on relations with the EU.

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections and EU-Ukraine relations – Where to next?
19 December 2012

Ukraine is progressing towards signing an Association Agreement which includes an integral Deep and Comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement with the European Union.

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections and EU-Ukraine relations – Where to next?

The OSCE peace-making experience - What lessons and challenges for the EU?
10 December 2012

Resolving the protracted conflicts over Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia will require local leaders to show much greater political will, and necessitates much greater engagement by external actors like the EU.

The OSCE peace-making experience - What lessons and challenges for the EU?

Europe and the crisis: implications for EU foreign policy - Workshop
6 December 2012

This workshop considered the impact of the crisis on EU foreign and security policy and its global role, which can help imagine the EU’s future on the international scene if and when the crisis is over, and also served as a brainstorming exercise in preparation of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue in January 2013.

The Nagorno-Karabakh peace process - Is there a way out of the impasse?
22 November 2012

Confidence-building measures could help Armenia and Azerbaijan to make progress towards peace in Nagorno-Karabakh. Meanwhile, there is little scope for the EU to play a greater role until the conflict is over.

The Nagorno-Karabakh peace process

From peace project to efficient peace-maker? Strengthening the EU's mediation capacities
16 November 2012

The EU can share its experience as a successful peace and conflict-prevention project with other parts of the world.

From peace project to eficient peace-maker

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