Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Making Europe work: improving the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation
27 June 2006

This Working Paper warns that failure to ensure that EU laws are correctly applied and effectively enforced risks further undermining support for the integration process, and makes detailed recommendations to improve the transposition, implementation and enforcement of legislation.

Playing ball: EU regulation of professional football since the Bosman ruling
8 June 2006

As World Cup fever grips the continent, this Policy Brief by Borja García, examines the impact of EU legislation and policies on the ‘beautiful game’ since the European Court of Justice’s landmark ruling in the case brought by Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman in 1995.

Gas and electricity in Europe: the elusive common interest
12 May 2006

This Policy Brief by Guillaume Durand argues that for all the talk of a common energy policy, Member States remain reluctant to create a truly integrated market

After the annus horribilis: a review of the EU institutions
12 January 2006

This Working Paper is the product of a series of brainstorming seminars on the key institutions – Commission, Council and Parliament - with high-level practitioners and academics, to examine what works and what needs reform.

The Nordic model: a recipe for European success?
13 September 2005

This Working Paper examines the reasons for the success of the Nordic countries in a competitive global economy.

Lifelong Learning in the European Union: whither the Lisbon Strategy?
2 June 2005

In this Issue Paper, Hywel Ceri Jones, examines why the lifelong learning principle emerged in the Lisbon Agenda.

An Agenda for Sustainable Growth in Europe
18 March 2005

This Working Paper argues that economic growth is not an end in itself. Rather, economic growth is there to serve a greater ambition: the creation and maintenance of a vibrant, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable European society.

Enhancing the role of science in the decision-making of the European Union
1 March 2005

Twelve Prescriptions for a European Sustainable Mobility Policy
21 February 2005

Kyoto and Lisbon - the tale of two cities
6 January 2005

Following the official launch of the European Union CO2 emissions trading scheme on 1 January 2005, Julien Bouzon underlines the risks of price fluctuations on the emissions allowance market in this Issue Paper.

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