Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Enhancing the role of science in the decision-making of the European Union
1 March 2005

Twelve Prescriptions for a European Sustainable Mobility Policy
21 February 2005

Kyoto and Lisbon - the tale of two cities
6 January 2005

Following the official launch of the European Union CO2 emissions trading scheme on 1 January 2005, Julien Bouzon underlines the risks of price fluctuations on the emissions allowance market in this Issue Paper.

Ten Do-s and Don't-s for Sustainable Growth in Europe
27 October 2004

On the eve of the publication of the Wim Kok expert group report on the Lisbon strategy, the EPC European Growth Task Force publishes 10 'do-s and don't-s' designed to boost growth in Europe while retaining the positive agenda for jobs, social cohesion and sustainability, which are is at the heart of the Lisbon process.

Improving the quality of risk management in the European Union: Risk communication
18 July 2004

Achieving a New Regulatory Culture in the European Union - An Action Plan
16 April 2004

Lisbon Revisited - Finding a new path to European growth
8 March 2004

A Good Quality Finance Rule
6 February 2004

One the eve of the crucial Lisbon Agenda review at the EU Spring Council meeting, Pier Carlo Padoan and Maria João Rodrigues, argue that the Stability and Growth Pact and the Lisbon reform strategy need to take greater account of each other, because the relationship between fiscal discipline and growth is so important.

Open Skies and Deregulation: The coming revolution
27 November 2003

With the EU Commission now investigating the effect of state aid on airline competition and deregulation with respect to the Ryanair case and the advantages awarded to it to fly to Charleroi airport south of Brussels, David Buchan, examines the case for open skies in an Issue Paper.

The Intergovernmental Conference and Business
14 October 2003

In this Issue Paper, Stanley Crossick and Lorenzo Allio highlight areas of concern to business, and explain why business should not ignore the Intergovernmental Conference that opened on 4 October in Rome.

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