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Embracing the Polish plumber: (belated) solidarity or (naked) self-interest?
29 May 2008

As France lifts the restrictions imposed on the free movement of workers from the eight Central and Eastern European countries which joined the EU in 2004, this commentary by Karolina Sitek assesses the impact of increased migration flows in the EU on both the ‘old’ EU-15 and new Member States, examines why some governments which initially opposed unlimited free movement are changing their minds, and suggests a more inclusive approach to migration which capitalises on the benefits of increased mobility.

Making migration work: the role of employers in migrant integration
22 May 2008

This Working Paper considers what role employers can play in integrating migrant workers and identifies five basic tools for developing a comprehensive and effective integration strategy.

Commissioners on the move
20 March 2008

With Markos Kyprianou’s resignation and Franco Frattini’s ‘unpaid leave’, two members of the Barroso Commission have left over a year before the end of their term of office. This Commentary by Antonio Missiroli and Jérôme Bacquias assesses the implications of this growing trend: the good news is that there now seems to be political life after Brussels; the bad that the Commission increasingly resembles an outgoing US administration, where the departure of key members towards the end of its term is considered almost a fact of life.

An independence foretold - and a foregone conclusion
4 March 2008

Although Kosovo’s declaration of independence came as no surprise, it is making waves across the region, and potentially beyond, and things may get worse before they get better, warns this Commentary by Antonio Missiroli.

Freedom, security and justice: the new Lisbon (Treaty) agenda
29 February 2008

Opinion polls show that Europe’s citizens want crime and immigration-related issues to be top EU priorities, and the Lisbon Treaty provides the tools to meet those expectations. But, as this Policy Brief by Jérôme Bacquias warns, success is by no means guaranteed.

Ratifying the Lisbon Treaty: what happens now?
13 December 2007

As EU leaders meet today (13 December) to sign the Lisbon Treaty, attention is turning to the prospects of getting it ratified in all 27 EU Member States by the December 2008 deadline. As part of its ongoing work on the new Treaty, the EPC has updated the table it first published in July 2007 setting out the timetable and ratification requirements in each Member State, and evaluating whether the Treaty is likely to secure the required majority in each case.

The 'Global Approach to Migration': rhetoric or reality?
27 November 2007

This Policy Brief by Elizabeth Collett argues that the Union currently has neither the competence nor the political will to fulfil its mandate to create genuine partnerships with third countries to manage migration - and needs to act now to turn its rhetoric into reality.

The EU Foreign Service: how to build a more effective common policy
22 November 2007

This Working Paper analyses the key questions which need to be addressed and offers some ideas aimed at framing the debate.

The EU Reform Treaty: easier signed than ratified?
26 July 2007

As the Intergovernmental Conference gets underway and hopes rise of a final deal on the new EU treaty by mid-October, this Policy Brief by Sara Hagemann warns that getting the agreement ratified may be more challenging than has been assumed so far, even if governments manage to avoid holding referenda on the outcome.

Islam and the EU: the merits and risks of Inter-Cultural Dialogue
19 June 2007

This Policy Brief by Sara Silvestri analyses how the concept is being interpreted in the EU and warns that it must be accompanied by practical initiatives going beyond the institutionalisation of Islam and public diplomacy events.

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