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Montenegro after the Commission's Opinion
7 December 2010

The European Commission’s Opinion on starting accession negotiations validates Montenegro’s commitment to EU integration, said Montenegro’s Minister for European Integration Gordana Đurović at a Policy Briefing.

Turkey, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Looking to the future - Roundtable
2 December 2010

This Roundtable focused on both the stalled Turkey-Armenia rapprochement and the ongoing peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Azerjaijani province of Nagorno-Karabakah and the impact on the region as a whole.

Building the Innovation Union
2 December 2010

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for research, innovation and science, said Europe must innovate to pull itself out of the economic crisis, at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Visions for Europe
30 November 2010

There is no common vision for the future of Europe, and each successive treaty has been a compromise among conflicting visions of Europe in the different Member States, said Jean-Luc Dehaene, Member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Belgium, at a ‘Visions for Europe’ Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The priorities of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU
26 November 2010

Péter Györkös, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the EU, outlined the priorities of the forthcoming Hungarian EU Presidency in 2011 at a Breakfast Briefing.

The rocky road to ‘normality’: public opinion in the Balkans
17 November 2010

The latest Balkan Monitor Survey results show that many people in the region are still struggling to live on their incomes. There are, however, positive signs and each country has to be examined separately, as outlined at a Policy Dialogue held in cooperation with the European Fund for the Balkans.

Visions for Europe
16 November 2010

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, took an optimistic view of the crisis facing Europe and the euro at a Breakfast Briefing organised in cooperation with KNACK.

Reinforcing the Union's disaster capacity response
28 October 2010

With the number of disasters rising every year, it is vital to create a comprehensive, holistic European Disaster Response mechanism, said Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response at a breakfast briefing.

Cyprus at a watershed moment: challenges for a settlement and prospects for the future
27 October 2010

At a Policy Dialogue, President Christofias described the measures he had taken to negotiate with the Turkish Cypriot community over the state of Cyprus, and was disappointed by the lack of response from either the Turkish Cypriots or Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Policy and Relations with the West - Roundtable
30 September 2010

At this Roundtable, a panel of experts discussed the myths and facts of Turkish foreign policy, and looked at whether or not Turkey is drifting away from the West in light of strengthened ties with countries in the Middle East and Russia.

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