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India-Pakistan relations: from tension to cooperation?
17 February 2009

Pakistan and India need to overcome their mutual hostility and differences, and change national borders “from barbed-wire fences into gateways”, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Flat, cold and (increasingly) crowded: what policies for the Arctic?
22 January 2009

The dynamics of the Arctic are changing, but both the legal framework and the political coordinating bodies to manage this are in place, Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Elisabeth Walaas, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Asia and the financial crisis: how deep, how long?
19 January 2009

Initial hopes that the global economic and financial crisis would have a limited impact on Asia, because of its role as “factory to the world”, have been dashed, with the region affected more severely than expected by the downturn in US and EU consumer demand, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Transatlantic relations at a time of transition
13 January 2009

President-elect Obama will face the same key issues as the outgoing Bush administration when he takes office, but “the tactics and tone” and some of the solutions will be different, Kristen Silverberg, US Ambassador to the EU, told a Breakfast Briefing.

The impact of the global financial crisis on the world's poorest
16 December 2008

The world’s poorest people and countries will be particularly badly affected by the global economic crisis, coupled with recent increases in fuel and food prices, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The EU and the Arctic: exploring uncharted territory?
13 November 2008

The EU is a “natural and legitimate player” in the Arctic region, which is growing in importance as new transportation routes are opening up and its energy resources could help strengthen EU security of supply, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The future of development policy
22 October 2008

With a plethora of development cooperation programmes, it is “an exciting time for development” and future funding will be based on a “country-ownership” - from government down to the local level and a “results-based” approach, speakers told a Roundtable.

Doing business in China and the EU: opportunities and pitfalls
22 October 2008

EU-China relations are “deep and dynamic”, and bilateral trade is growing by 20% annually, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Injecting new momentum into ASEM: an uphill struggle?
20 October 2008

The global financial crisis will dominate the 24-25 October ASEM 7 Summit and the organisation must deliver a coordinated response to demonstrate its relevance and show that it is more then just a useful discussion forum, speakers told a Policy Dialogue organised with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF).

Georgia on the EU's mind
14 October 2008

Events this summer have consolidated EU-Georgian relations, as the population feel that the Union’s quick, decisive actions saved the country from foreign occupation and the EU now feels it can play a role in the Caucasus, said former Georgian Foreign Minister Salomé Zourabichvili at a Policy Briefing.

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