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Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
23 November 2009

The existence of nuclear weapons continues to threaten world peace, although the political stage has moved on, with an increasing interdependence among states replacing the original need for a nuclear deterrent, said Hans Blix, former Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission at a Six-Minute Briefing.

US-EU energy cooperation
18 November 2009

The US and the EU are building excellent cooperation in the field of energy, and a main aspect of this is the launch of the new EU-US Energy Council, said Richard Morningstar, US Special Envoy for Eurasian energy at a Breakfast Briefing.

Global trade and the impact of the economic crisis
13 November 2009

Europe has survived the economic crisis, but realises that it marked a shift in the global economy from West to East, and the beginning of a new 21st century world order, said David O’Sullivan, Director-General for Trade, European Commission, at a breakfast briefing.

Post-election challenges for civil society in Afghanistan
16 October 2009

Given the reported wide-scale fraud in the Afghanistan Presidential elections, the country has a year to turn the country round by cutting corruption, improving the rule of law and restoring the people’s faith in democracy, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Africa: opportunities for a new policy approach
5 October 2009

Foreign humanitarian aid has contributed to the well-being of millions of people, but official aid should be used more strategically to contribute to African countries’ national policies for stimulating economic growth in areas such as agriculture, said Robert Calderisi, former World Bank Country Director for Central Africa, at a Policy Briefing.

What future for the EU in counterterrorism?
17 September 2009

Australia and the EU - partners in progress
23 June 2009

Australia’s Trade Minister Simon Crean delivered a glowing account of relations between the EU and his country at a Breakfast on the day (23 June) the two sides boosted bilateral links by signing a new Mutual Recognition Agreement.

EU-China Summit: making a fresh start?
12 June 2009

Discussions at the 11th EU-China Summit were “candid, amicable, vibrant and in-depth”, setting in train a closer economic and political relationship, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

EU and North-east Asia: re-thinking regional development strategies
11 June 2009

The EU supports regional integration in North-east Asia, but economic integration will be easier to achieve than political integration, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Prospects for EU-US relations
26 May 2009

The Obama administration has taken many initiatives which impinge on EU-US relations, from its new policies on climate change to its pledge to close Guantanamo Bay and its push to find a solution to the Middle East conflict, John Bruton, European Commission Ambassador to the United States, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

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