European Politics and Institutions

Human mobility, rights and development
13 October 2009

The new United Nations Development Report clearly illustrates the links between human rights, migration and development, and international human rights’ mechanisms should be used to protect migrants and their families at all stages of their journey, said speakers at a Policy Briefing.

Turkey and the EU: achieving synergy in foreign policy
2 October 2009

Turkey’s place is in Europe, as Ankara and Brussels share the same values, foreign policy objectives, and operate in the same political ‘neighbourhood’, said Ahmet Davutoğlu,Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs at a Breakfast Briefing, held in cooperation with TUSKON.

What future for the EU in counterterrorism?
17 September 2009

Turkey in Europe: breaking the vicious circle
7 September 2009

The EU risks damaging its credibility if it fails to honour its commitments in Turkey’s accession negotiations - and negative attitudes inside the Union have already soured Turkish public opinion and weakened Ankara’s government resolve to continue its internal reforms - speakers told a Policy Dialogue organised in collaboration with the Open Society Institute and the British Council

Turkey's EU accession process: the state of play
25 June 2009

Turkey is updating its institutions and laws in preparation for its EU membership, which it sees as a ‘win-win’ situation’ for both Ankara and Brussels, Egemen Bağış, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator for EU accession, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing, organised in collaboration with the Turkish Industry & Business Association (TÜSIAD).

State of the Union debate 2009
17 June 2009

Europe faces wide-ranging current and future challenges and will have more responsibilities in today’s changing world which will require a strong European Union with strong leadership, top-level speakers told the EPC’s Annual Conference on the State of the Union.

On the eve of the European Council: a view from Poland
16 June 2009

Five years after joining the EU, Poland is successfully riding out the economic crisis and preparing to be the country which "leads the European Union out of the storm" when it takes over the Presidency in 2011, the country’s Europe Minister Mikołaj Dowgielewicz told a Breakfast Briefing.

Priorities of the Swedish Presidency of the EU
12 June 2009

The many tasks the Swedish EU Presidency faces are reflected in its slogan for its six months at the helm - “taking on the challenge” – Sweden’s Permanent Representative Christian Danielsson told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

EU citizens have spoken: assessing the outcome
9 June 2009

While turnout was “regrettably” low at the European elections, it did not fall “disastrously” (as many suggested) but was in fact “flat”, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The future of EU enlargement in the Western Balkans
29 May 2009

The EU has to “carefully manage” future enlargement to the Western Balkans so that its citizens appreciate the benefits of admitting new members and prospective Member States achieve the necessary benchmarks.

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