Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Global chemistry: the implementation of REACH and Europe's growing role as a global standards-setter
27 June 2008

Just one month after the ECHA - set up to administer REACH - began work, it is already setting international standards on chemical safety which global companies will adhere to in order to maintain their share of the EU market, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

New initiatives from the EIB for SME financing
20 June 2008

Small- and medium-sized enterprises are the key drivers of the modern European economy, and the European Investment Bank supports them through ‘Global Loans’ to banking intermediaries which then ‘lend on’ to SMEs, and through the European Investment Fund, which lends to commercial banks, EIB President Philippe Maystadt told a Breakfast Briefing.

Demonstrating the economic value of the non-profit sector for society
12 June 2008

The non-profit sector is growing in every country and employs 14% of the national workforce in some EU Member States. Despite this, surprisingly little is known about its contribution to the economy, speakers told an EPC-King Baudouin Foundation Policy Dialogue.

Europe's economy
11 June 2008

The EU has led global integration and open markets through the example of its dynamic economy, and should now take the lead on solving climate change and energy problems, Peter Sutherland, Chairman of BP and Goldman Sachs International, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

The role of ethics in shaping health policy - CHES Annual Lecture
5 June 2008

Ensuring Europe’s citizens enjoy as many ‘healthy life years’ as possible is an EU objective, so priorities and mechanisms must be developed to achieve this, Robert Madelin, Director-General for Health and Consumers, European Commission, said in the CHES first Annual Lecture.

New turbulence for transatlantic flights? Civil liberties, open skies and EU-US aviation
3 June 2008

Air travel is so common that it is like a “bus in the sky”, and the new EU-US Open Skies Agreement enables citizens to “travel effortlessly” between the EU and US, and brings other benefits, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Navigating Europe's economy through turbulence
28 May 2008

Ten years after the launch of European Monetary Union, the euro is an “astounding success” and has helped to maintain stability in the current financial turmoil, speakers agreed at an EPC-European Economic Governance Monitor Policy Dialogue.

De-briefing on the outcome of the Transatlantic Economic Council
13 May 2008

The May meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Council provided “political push” to resolve issues such as the EU ban on imports of US poultry and how to treat US cosmetics within the EU’s REACH chemicals legislation, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Can Europe cap its energy demand? European agriculture and the next generation of biofuels
6 May 2008

Media claims that biofuel production will “empty every food bowl in the developing world” are unjustified, Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel told a Policy Dialogue.

Public Private Partnerships: a viable option to increase public investment and efficiency across Europe?
23 April 2008

Public Private Partnerships which establish broad cooperation and share the financial risks between the public and private sectors can help local authorities to provide public services by introducing private-sector finance and skills while retaining public control, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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