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The potential emergence of the Barents Sea as a 'petroleum province': implications for Norway and Europe
12 October 2006

Energy security is emerging as a political and foreign policy issue, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

6 October 2006

The Doha Development Round is at a “moment of truth” and there is only a short window of opportunity to reach a deal between now and spring 2007, warned David O’Sullivan, the European Commission’s Director-General for Trade, at the first ‘Sixty-Minute Briefing’.

Europe's challenges and Turkey's role
5 October 2006

Turkey has made impressive political and economic progress in preparing itself for EU membership, but needs to keep up the pace of reform, speakers agreed at a joint EPC-TÜSIAD Policy Dialogue.

How Asia looks at Europe
25 September 2006

Coverage of the EU in the Asian media is very poor, with only a sprinkling of stories in national newspapers and television every day, said Professor Martin Holland. Outlining the findings of a recent study at a Policy Briefing, organised with the Asia-Europe Foundation, he said the lack of media interest was hindering Asia-Europe relations.

Iran, North Korea and WMD: can we make the world a safer place?
19 September 2006

While the international community sees Iran’s wish to develop nuclear fuel as a smokescreen for a future nuclear weapons’ programme, the evidence is “hardly conclusive”, argued Dr Hans Blix, Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Ukraine: living up to the European dream
18 September 2006

The Ukrainian government has embarked on a very ambitious reform programme which will create a strong, stable and prosperous state on the EU’s eastern border, Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych told a Policy Briefing.

EU-Asia relations in the wake of the ASEM summit
14 September 2006

Last weekend’s Asia-Europe Meeting was a success, with a series of significant agreements including the decision to bring in new members on both sides, speakers told a joint EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

Trade liberalisation or erosion of preferences? The impact of, and prospects for, 'everything but arms'
6 July 2006

The Least Developed Countries have benefited from the EU’s ‘Everything But Arms’ initiative since it was introduced five years ago and it should not be watered down, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Economic prospects for Africa
4 July 2006

The international community has not lived up to the promises it made in 2005 and Africa still faces huge problems, with slow economic growth overall and rising poverty levels in the sub-Saharan region, John Page, The World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, told a Policy Briefing.

Security sector reform in peacebuilding: towards an EU-UN partnership?
30 June 2006

An unreformed security sector is a major obstacle to sustainable peace and reform must be part of a holistic approach towards peacebuilding, speakers told a conference organised by the EPC with the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and the King Baudouin Foundation.

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