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Iran's nuclear programme - a transatlantic assessment
27 March 2006

Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a serious threat to stability in the Middle East and more diplomatic efforts are needed to persuade the country’s leaders to abandon plans for any further developments, speakers told a Policy Briefing.

Japan's relations with China and India: friction and future prospects
21 March 2006

Asia is on the rise again, economically and politically, and its future relies on a triangle of economic and political stability involving Japan, China and India, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

EU-Russia: energy security and geopolitics
17 March 2006

The EU-Russian energy relationship is mutually reinforcing, since the Union is constantly seeking secure sources to meet its needs and Russia requires stable markets for its energy supplies, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The EU in Aceh: between conflict resolution and peace-building
13 March 2006

The EU’s Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM) has successfully re-established peace, stability and security in both Aceh itself and the region as a whole, speakers with experience in the field told a Policy Dialogue.

Multilateralism in crisis? - Global governance and human rights
9 March 2006

Multilateral organisations may be in crisis, but a multilateral approach is still clearly needed to ‘police’ the global system, help resolve conflicts and further the human rights’ agenda, argued speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

Global governance: where we stand
3 March 2006

The past 12 months have seen some positive moves on combatting climate change, fighting poverty and raising awareness of global interdependence, high-level experts told an the EPC-COMECE Policy Dialogue.

The EU in the World
3 February 2006

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the European Commissioner for External Relations, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing that she was preparing a “concept paper” for the June EU Summit on Europe’s world role - a role which would have been enhanced by the foreign policy measures set out in the Constitution.

Hong Kong: promise or burial of a successful Doha Development Agenda?
31 January 2006

Christine Lagarde, French Minister for Trade, urged World Trade Organization members to strive for a "balanced" package of measures to liberalise global trade in the current Doha round.

Non-proliferation and terrorism: EU visions and policies
16 December 2005

The international security environment is the most complicated the world has ever known because of the highly complex character of new terrorist threats.

The EU's role in Asian Security
5 December 2005

European Union (EU) Member States increasingly recognise that the Union needs a more coherent and focused security policy towards Asia, according to speakers at a Dialogue.

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