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Eastern Partnership summit and Ukraine’s ‘return to Europe’ at times of uncertainty
23 November 2017
Svitlana Kobzar (European Endowment for Democracy and Vesalius College) and Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

Ukraine’s expectations for the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit.

From Riga to Brussels: Georgia’s hopes for Eastern Partnership
20 November 2017
Ana Andguladze (Policy Researcher at the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy in Tbilisi)

Georgia’s expectations for the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit

US trade policy in the age of Trump: What role for Europe in the “New Nationalism”?
13 November 2017
Peter S. Rashish (Senior Adviser to EPC on transatlantic economic relations)

It takes two to tango

After Brexit: Prospects for UK-EU cooperation on foreign and security policy
30 October 2017
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

Britain’s future relationship with the EU in foreign and security policy

The EU should not turn its back on Turkey
17 October 2017
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Demir Murat Seyrek (Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy)

Allowing Turkey-EU relations to come to a standstill and decline further is in the interest of neither the EU nor Turkey

Turkey's relations with Germany and the EU: Breaking the vicious circle
2 October 2017
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Juliane Schmidt (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Navigating the complex relationship between the EU and Turkey

Trump’s gas doctrine: What does it mean for the EU?
26 July 2017
Marco Giuli (Policy Analyst)

The US intention to boost gas exports to Europe may exacerbate divisions between EU member states on energy issues.

The EU and Emerging Market Economies: Transformations and New Challenges
18 July 2017
Juliane Schmidt (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Taking stock of the EU’s cooperation with emerging market economies

Targeting EU efforts in Tunisia: what approach to the fight against corruption and to decentralisation?
17 July 2017
Francesca Fabbri (Junior Policy Analyst)

How the EU can better support a successful transition in Tunisia

Trump's America: the ordinary superpower
13 June 2017
Giovanni Grevi (Senior Fellow)

Trump’s foreign policy is the next stage of a deeper structural shift of the global role of the US.

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