Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Industrial Policy Task Force

A new Industrial Policy for Europe

12 November 2014

Europe needs a strong industrial policy. The economic crisis had proven that the dominant model of solely focusing on finance and services was very fragile and talking about a new industrial policy in Europe had been taboo. With the newly appointed President of the European Commission, Juncker taking office, a European industrial renaissance is planned, and aims to create more jobs and growth in the EU. This event brought together key thinkers, practitioners, EU officials, academics and industry heavy weights to explore, discuss and mould ideas towards a new industrial policy for Europe. It discussed the strategic future for industrial policy, the need to focus on smart specialisation in the regions, a new focus on the circular economy, how investment in research and development can help achieve growth in the long term and how European Commission frameworks and packages can be improved to ensure that industrial policy is mainstreamed over the upcoming years. This event also presented the work of the EPC's Industrial Policy task force publication, of the same title.

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