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Eastern Partnership in a changed security architecture. Muddling through or new incentives for reform?

25 November 2014

At this Policy Dialogue, the Lithuanian think tank Eastern Europe Studies Centre presented their second report on the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy: ‘Eastern Partnership in a changed security architecture. New incentives for reform?’ Besides the future perspective of the Eastern Partnership as such, the report addresses the role of the Eastern Partnership in EU-Russia relations now that the ‘traditional’ post-Cold War security architecture has been severely challenged in the last few months by Russia’s new foreign policy outlook and the instability in Eastern Ukraine. These changing circumstances will have a lasting impact on the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy. The panellists at this Eastern Promises Policy Dialogue not only discussed the most important findings of the report, but also the different ways in which to channel the outcomes of the new developments on the international stage in order to come to a successful Eastern neighbourhood policy.

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