European Migration and Diversity

EPC in the refugee crisis debate

Creating a common European future - The integration of young migrants in Europe

13 April 2015

Migration and integration are hot topics in Europe at the moment. Refugees are flooding the coasts of Southern Europe and not a month goes by without another tragedy in the Mediterranean. Among these refugees are a lot of young people, hoping to build a new life in Europe. For their Spring publication, the 2015 FutureLab Europe generation researched the integration of these young migrants in the EU. They talked to NGOs and other organisations working on the integration of migrants, and to young migrants themselves. At this FutureLab Europe Conference, they presented their results and gave their personal views on the current and future challenges of the EU’s migration and integration policies. Commission officials and experts were also present to comment on their findings and discuss the actions the EU could take in the short and long term to improve the integration of young migrants in Europe.

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