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Turkish Foreign Policy and the Middle East
31 May 2010

In collaboration with the Istanbul based think tank TESEV, experts discussed the impact on Turkey’s to Middle East Foreign Policy towards the countries of the region and its perception in the West.

Turkey on the rise
23 March 2010

At a lunch, His Excellency Ali Babacan, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Economics Minister talked about Turkey’s continual progress and its right to EU membership.

The Cyprus negotiations at a crossroads
5 February 2010

At a breakfast briefing, Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat discussed progress made in negotiations in Cyprus in addition to mentioning ways in which the EU can help the situation.

Turkish Foreign Policy - Roundtable
27 January 2010

At this Roundtable discussion, Murat Mercan, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Turkish Grand Assembly, gave an overview of recent developments in Turkish foreign policy.

Turkish foreign policy: where is it headed?
30 October 2009

In recent years Turkey has adopted a proactive, multi-polar foreign policy with soft power initiatives toward the Middle East, the Caucasus, Russia and beyond, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with TUSKON.

Turkey and the EU: achieving synergy in foreign policy
2 October 2009

Turkey’s place is in Europe, as Ankara and Brussels share the same values, foreign policy objectives, and operate in the same political ‘neighbourhood’, said Ahmet Davutoğlu,Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs at a Breakfast Briefing, held in cooperation with TUSKON.

Turkey as an energy hub for Europe: prospects and challenges
4 March 2009

Turkey is developing as an energy hub between suppliers in the East and the EU, and the Nabucco pipeline could be a major channel for transporting oil and gas - but work on it needs to begin before it is too late, speakers told a Policy Dialogue organised in partnership with TUSKON.

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