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Turkey, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Looking to the future - Roundtable
2 December 2010

This Roundtable focused on both the stalled Turkey-Armenia rapprochement and the ongoing peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Azerjaijani province of Nagorno-Karabakah and the impact on the region as a whole.

EU-Georgia Economic Relations: Achievements & Challenges - Roundtable
29 November 2010

This Eastern Promises Roundtable provided an opportunity to share views and experiences on the business climate in Georgia and on the developments of EU-Georgia economic relations.

Is the EU losing Ukraine or is it business as usual? - Roundtable
19 November 2010

This Roundtable, in collaboration with the Open Society Institute and the International Renaissance Foundation in Kyiv, provided insights into the progress made by the Yanukovych government in some areas and the perceived deterioration in others.

Belarus and the EU: business as usual? - Roundtable
28 October 2010

This Roundtable discussion assessed the EU's approach thus far and resulted in many proposals on the way forward for the EU's relationship with its 'isolated neighbour to the East'.

Ukraine: a new president, a new foreign policy?
26 October 2010

At a Policy Briefing hosted by the EPC, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the EU-Ukraine Business Council, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko said Ukraine is becoming a stable political country, introducing constitutional reforms and a pragmatic foreign policy to herald its moves towards European integration.

Moldova: in search of a breakthrough - Roundtable
7 October 2010

At this Roundtable, both speakers and participants were hopeful that Moldova can look forward to a more stable political climate in the near future following elections.

Security and stability in the South Caucasus after the August War: a new strategy for engagement with Georgia?
9 June 2010

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue held on 9 June discussed stability in the South Caucasus, specifically in Abkhazia and Georgia.

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