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Britain in Europe - what is the future? - Forum meeting
23 April 2012

This forum meeting discussed whether the British ‘veto’ has fundamentally altered the UK-EU relationship, the political price to be paid for being outside further integration of the Euro zone, London’s relationship with Brussels and whether the UK could even leave the EU.

Comitology after Lisbon: a more democratic and efficient system? - Forum meeting
28 June 2011

This forum discussed the likely implications of post-Lisbon comitology for the inter-institutional balance and how the roles of the actors are expected to evolve in the future.

The Polish presidency: prospects and challenges - Forum meeting
2 May 2011

This forum meeting looked at Poland's priorities and potential challenges while in office, and what fresh input it could bring into the context of European affairs.

Global governance and the External Action Service – towards a renewed EU role and representation? - Forum meeting
2 March 2011

This meeting looked at the methods and challenges involved in strengthening the EU’s position in the world.

A new approach to implementing the Europe 2020 Strategy: carrots or sticks? - Joint meeting
15 March 2010

This meeting looked into how to improve the implementation of the new Europe 2020 Strategy. Better governance and new mechanisms are needed to ensure delivery.

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