Latest Publications

EUSpring | Report on democracy assistance from the European Union to the Middle East and North Africa
19 May 2016

A detailed look at EU instruments for democracy support in the MENA region

A historic reminder, an ever-present dilemma? - Assessing Brexit’s potential consequences for European security
18 May 2016

Brexit and European security; a lose-lose situation for the EU and UK?

EU visa-liberalisation for Turks: just around the corner?
03 May 2016

Can the issue of visa-liberalisation put the future of the EU-Turkey deal at risk?

Automatic Fiscal Stabiliser: Make it happen!
02 May 2016

How likely is the future adoption of an automatic fiscal stabiliser for the eurozone?

Vučić’s plebiscite almost slipped on arithmetics
29 April 2016

The return of anti-EU forces in the Serbian parliament might spell trouble for the country’s path towards European integration