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Reversing over the cliff edge?
18 September 2017

The European Union must recognise how UK domestic politics hamper the Brexit negotiations.

Brexit: Dealing with withdrawal symptoms
05 September 2017

The Brexit talks are in trouble but not beyond repair.

Trump’s gas doctrine: What does it mean for the EU?
26 July 2017

The US intention to boost gas exports to Europe may exacerbate divisions between EU member states on energy issues.

Reality bites: the Brexit negotiations seen from the other side of the Channel
24 July 2017

Brexit is not going to be avoided by the EU27 at all costs.

Smart Specialisation: championing the EU’s economic growth and investment agenda?
20 July 2017

Smart Specialisation Strategies could do more to support EU industrial competitiveness, as well as boosting investment and growth if it was embedded in the EU's policy and funding framework