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Annika Hedberg
Annika Hedberg
Senior Policy Analyst
Tel:  +32 (0)2 286.93.75
Twitter: @AnnikaAhtonen

Annika Hedberg is a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC) where she leads the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme.

The Programme monitors and analyses developments within Europe’s economy, and discusses how to achieve growth that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. While managing EPC’s work on economic governance, transition to cleaner and smarter Europe, and enablers for change (including single market and digital agenda), she specialises in the internal dimension of the EU’s Energy Union, climate action, circular economy and smarter use of resources. She regularly writes, moderates events and speaks on these topics.

Prior to joining the EPC, she worked at the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, a policy think tank based in Helsinki, and at the Finnish Foreign Ministry. She has a LL.M. in Public International Law from the Helsinki University and a BSc in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics.

Internal Responsibilities

Coordinating EPC activities related to health, energy, climate and environmental policies within the EU

Area of expertise

European political economy, energy, climate, environmental issues, and health policy


English, Finnish

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Media appearances

Ziarul Financiar (Romania)
16 November 2017
The fate of the controversial Russian-German gas project Nord Stream 2 has become insecure

Deutsche Welle
14 November 2017
Nordstream II gas pipeline in deep water

Natural Gas Daily
19 June 2017
China Gas preps bunker station in tough market

Interfax Natural Gas Daily (UK)
3 January 2017
Sardinia plans small-scale LNG charge

Picking Alpha
19 December 2016
How EU is Turning Around it’s Energy Market with the New Efficiency Package

Picking Alpha (Canada)
17 November 2016
Circular and bio economy – new and undervalued markets

Interfax (UK)
14 November 2016
Victory for Donald Trump unsettles Brussels

Ends Europe (UK)
9 November 2016
EU urged to find new climate allies in wake of Trump victory

CBCnews (Canada)
26 September 2016
Cap and trade gains global momentum ahead of COP 22 climate conference

11 July 2016
Brexit Threatens to Pollute EU Plan for National Climate Goals

25 May 2016
Commission welcomes North Korea’s ’embrace’ of Paris climate agreement

POLITICO (Brussels)
12 February 2016
Pro’s Morning Energy: More work after Paris — Renewables in Iran — Labeling

Kauppalehti (Finland)
17 December 2015
Nord Streamista tuli korkeimman poliittisen tason kysymys

Sitra (Finland)
15 December 2015
Politiikkadialogi kiertotaloudesta jatkui Brysselissä: Ekosuunnittelulla kestävämpiä tuotteita

POLITICO Brussels Playbook
4 December 2015
The most popular climate-related reports this week

Mitfyn/Sermitsiaq AG (Denmark/Greenland)
29 November 2015
Ekspert: EU fejler i optakt til klimatopmøde

27 November 2015
Meet the climate frenemies

12 October 2015
Analysts expect country emissions pledges to remain unchanged

Radio Svoboda (Ukraine)
10 October 2015
ЄС має пам’ятати Крим і війну в Україні, коли вирішує долю «Північного потоку-2» – експерт

Deutsche Welle (Russian)
15 September 2015
'Газпром' перекраивает энергетическую карту Европы

Deutsche Welle (Ukrainian)
14 September 2015
'Північний потік-2': 'Газпром' перекраивает энергетическую карту Европы

1 June 2015

Handelsblatt (Germany)
21 April 2015
Greece's Finnish problem

Eunews (Italy)
20 March 2015
Come far crescere la Green Economy? Se ne parlerà a Bruxelles con commissari, ministri, politici, aziende e cittadini

YLE (Finland)
19 March 2015
Energiunionen delar EU

YLE Uutiset (Finland)
19 March 2015
Venäjän sotilasoperaatiot antavat potkua Euroopan energiayhteistyölle

E&E Publishing news
27 February 2015
Europe struggles to meet CO2 targets, deal with Russian pressure and unify its electricity grid

Energy Security
27 February 2015
Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
25 February 2015
Hungary's fray with Energy Union plays into Putin's hand

6 February 2015
Europe's energy security: is the Energy Union the answer?

Aamulehti (Finland)
3 January 2015
Venäjä tarvitsee EU:ta päästäkseen taas jaloilleen

CNTV (China)
15 November 2014
Energy efficiency agreement expected at G20 Summit

Daily Sabah (Turkey)
6 November 2014
Expert: profit-driven drug makers ignored Ebola epidemic

Expreso (Peru)
1 November 2014
UE aliviada por acuerdo ruso-ucraniano de gas

31 October 2014
UE respira tras el acuerdo ruso ucraniano que garantiza el gas este invierno

Information (Denmark)
31 October 2014
Stejl, stærk, stædig

Tieto Trendit (Finland)
30 October 2014
Kilpailu maailman vesivaroista kiristyy

Mladina (Slovenia)
29 October 2014
Evropski komisar Janez Potočnik se poslavlja od komisije

Yahoo Australia
29 October 2014
Germany's renewable energy incentives and regulations attracting Australian companies

Flexible deal’ on climate and energy
27 October 2014
EU set to agree on new climate goals
23 October 2014
ABC net (Austrialia)
23 October 2014
Germany's renewable revolution

WNP (Poland)
23 October 2014
Weto Polski na szczycie - niewygodne dla Tuska

El Mundo (Spain)
19 October 2014
Miedo a una Guerra Fría energética

Sta (Slovenia)
6 October 2014
Reactions Suggest Bratušek Faces Tough Vote

RTV SLO (Slovenia)
6 October 2014
Ocena Bratuškove šele v torek, poslanci potrebujejo več časa

Chemical Industry News & Chemical Market Intelligence
2 October 2014
European commissioners will have to set energy priorities

Altinget (Denmark)
9 September 2014
Spekulationer om klimakommissærpost skaber protester

Energy Policy Weekly
4 September 2014
Tusk appointment no setback for EU energy policy

The Guardian (UK)
3 September 2014
The EU approach to Russia: beyond Kremlinology

Le Soir (Belgium)
22 May 2014
Mais qu’a donc fait l’Europe pendant cinq ans?

Irish environment
1 May 2014
Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

EU puts all its energy eggs in one basket
31 March 2014

Euranet Plus interviewed EPC Senior Policy Analyst Annika Ahtonen on the EU's energy dependence on Russian gas

Penzanews (Russia)
28 March 2014
Increasing number of pensioners in the EU requires certain actions

Policy Review
22 March 2014
Russia’s energy hold over Europe must be broken

Napigazdasag (Hungary)
22 March 2014
Oroszország ellenséges magatartása és az európai energiabiztonság

Algérie 1
21 March 2014
Gaz: l’UE va réduire sa dépendance envers la Russie

6 March 2014
Five Suggestions for the European Semester

Jerusalem Post
25 February 2014
EPC Delegation Studies Water Management in Israel

European Jewish Press
21 February 2014
EPC Study trip in Israel

Competitiveness is now a greater priority than climate action
27 January 2014

Euranet Plus interviewed EPC Senior Policy Analyst Annika Ahtonen on the new 2030 climate and energy framework.

La Tribune
27 September 2013
'Avec ou sans crise, l'environnement n'est pas la priorité des gouvernants'

22 October 2012
Climate change

Utility Week (UK)
2 August 2012
EC mulls green subsidy framework

Mirada Global.com
19 May 2012
Europa no puede dejar de adaptarse al cambio climático

3 May 2012
UNISDR backs European cities climate adaptation project

Public Service Europe
30 April 2012
Creating a greener and healthier Europe - a policy blueprint

The European Political Newspaper
30 April 2012
Creating a greener and healthier Europe - a policy blueprint

30 March 2012
Tthe importance of active and healthy ageing policies

Renewable Energy Magazine
26 March 2012
Despite Europe's economic woes, hunger for renewables project investment remains

Energias Renovables
26 March 2012
Despite Europe's economic woes, hunger for renewables project investment remains

Suomen Kuvalehti
7 July 2011
Health promotion

Public Service Europe
20 June 2011
Prevention is better than cure

Science Business
31 May 2011
A new green growth path for Europe