Turkey's engagement in the post-Soviet space
18 October 2013

On 15 October, Amanda Paul travelled to Warsaw to participate in a conference on "Turkey's engagement in the Post-Soviet space: Implications for the EU", where she moderated the panel on "Wider Black Sea: A grey zone of instability or bridge between East and West". The conference was organised by the European Council on Foreign Relations and demosEUROPA.

Bucharest Forum 2013
30 September 2013

Amanda Paul participated in two panel discussions at the Bucharest Forum 2013, held from 26-28 September. The first panel was on 'Post-Vilnius: What Future for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership', and the second was on 'Turkey's Regional Ambitions: A Promise or a Stumbling Block?'. The Forum was organised by the Aspen Institute Romania.

E-Politics: New paths of youth participation
5 July 2013

Between 3 and 5 July, Amanda Paul participated in a conference in Izmir, Turkey, on Youth, Democracy and Change, organised by the Turkish Grand Assembly, where she delivered a presentation on 'E-Politics: New Paths of Youth Participation'.

Turkey-EU relations
28 May 2013

On 28 May, Amanda Paul gave a presentation on Turkey-EU relations at a seminar programme on 'Influential partner in the region - Turkey's perception in the Middle East', organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Turkey and Europe
25 March 2013

On 25 March, Amanda Paul moderated a panel on 'Turkey and Europe: Time to Decide' in the European Parliament during a conference on 'Turkey and Europe: Drifting Apart?', organised by Insight Turkey.

Turkey-EU relations
11 March 2013

On 11 March, Amanda Paul gave a lecture at Ghent University on Turkey-EU relations.

Turkey and Europe's economic future
11 February 2013

On 11 February 2013, Amanda Paul and Fabian Zuleeg gave a talk to a group of students from the European Studies student association of Trondheim, Norway, on Turkey and Europe's long-term economic future, respectively.

Turkey-EU relations
8 February 2013

On 8 February 2013, Amanda Paul gave a speech on Turkey-EU relations at the College of Europe.

Developments in Turkey
8 May 2012

Amanda Paul took part in a lunch discussion with Turkish businesswomen hosted by Members of the European Parliament, Sandra Kalniete, Emine Bozkut and Metin Kazak, on developments in Turkey.

Testimonial from Turkish Foreign Affais Minister
19 April 2012

I believe that the quality of the 23 March event was a testament to the leading role of the EPC among the think tanks in Brussels in contributing to the EU policy making process. The event provided an atmosphere of open debate for the large audience that was present.

Ahmet Davutoglu

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