EPC-Compagnia di San Paolo Partnership

The Compagnia di San Paolo

The Compagnia di San Paolo, founded in Turin (Italy) in 1563 as a charitable brotherhood, is today one of the largest private grant-making foundations in Europe. The Compagnia pursues aims of public interest, in order to foster the civil, cultural and economic development of the community in which it operates.

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The Strategic Partnership between the Compagnia and the EPC

The Compagnia and the EPC signed a strategic partnership agreement in October 2005, which was renewed at the end of 2007 for a further two years.

The two organisations have agreed a joint programme of activities aimed at:

  • promoting closer links between policy-makers and researchers in Brussels and Italy;
  • contributing more effectively to the EU integration process;
  • strengthening the role of civil society in shaping the future of Europe.

Priority themes

  1. European democracy and governance;
  2. Europe in the world and global governance;
  3. Development of the European economic and social model(s);
  4. Integration and immigration;
  5. Research innovation and energy policy.

Special actions

The EPC and the Compagnia have also agreed to implement a special programme aimed at strengthening cooperation between the EPC and the Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto and the research centres it hosts.

This includes the EPC hosting interns from the Collegio, as well as the creation of an EPC-Carlo Alberto Fellowship starting in October 2008.