Digital Single Market (EPC)

Europe needs a Digital Single Market now

During late 2009 and early 2010 the EPC organised a project on the Digital Single Market, which commissioned several background studies and held numerous discussions with members of EU institutions and relevant stakeholders. The results of these studies show that there are clear economic, social, political and environmental reasons why rapid EU action is needed to establish a Digital Single Market as soon as possible.

  • Adds at least 4% to EU GDP by 2020.

  • Solution for key European challenges: economic recovery, better labour markets and public services and a smarter, greener economy.

  • Key driver for productivity and competitiveness, promoting growth and innovation.

  • Benefits consumers through low prices, better quality and more choices.

Action is needed in establishing political leadership, better online business environment, consumer trust, foundations and infrastructure and the legal framework for knowledge assets.

Summary of the key findings

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DSM Newspaper / April 2010

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Background papers

The EPC's Digital Single Market Project is supported by background papers and studies, which demonstrate that a functioning Digital Single Market will lead to significant economic, social and environmental benefits.
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