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The Conference Observatory, a joint initiative of Bertelsmann Stiftung, the European Policy Centre, King Baudouin Foundation and Stiftung Mercator, will closely monitor the Conference on the Future of Europe, assess its impact and present ideas on how to improve it.

The Observatory aims to make the Conference a meaningful and successful endeavour by monitoring its proceedings, providing policy input and recommendations on the strategic priorities that citizens will discuss, and assessing the potential institutional and legal consequences of debates conducted during the Conference. Through the Observatory, the consortium will also advise the Conference leadership and develop proposals for the future participatory and democratic make-up of the EU.

The European Union faces major transformational challenges such as climate change, digitalisation, a fragile global order and the ong​oing COVID-19 pandemic. In an environment of continuing uncertainty and crisis, the EU must demonstrate it is capable of critical self-reflection and renewal. The Conference on the Future of Europe could and should be used to this end.

The Conference is also a test case for the EU’s ability to include its citizens in the conversation, have an EU-wide debate about necessary reforms, and think about the right institutional structure for the decades ahead. The involvement of people from all member states, from all walks of life, will be new and, in many ways, unprecedented.

To find out more about how the Conference is developing, take a look at the official website. We will also regularly host “Conference Conversations”, a 60-minute interactive online talk show where our experts, Conference insiders and high-level guests will provide timely information and in-depth analysis on where the Conference is heading. Stay tuned for our future activities!



Future of Europe / OP-ED
Adding ambition to Europe’s unity
By Herman Van Rompuy , Brigid Laffan - 16/06/2022
Future of Europe / REPORT
Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?
By Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis , Johannes Greubel , Theodora Famprikezi , Georg Riekeles , Perle Petit , Dominik Hierlemann - 22/02/2022


Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Studies
Institutional reform, poly-crisis, differentiated integration, enlargement, reform of economic governance
Associate Director and Head of Europe's Political Economy programme
International negotiations, trade, EU’s international role, security and defense, single market, digital policies, EU governance and interinstitutional relations, future of Europe
Associate Director and Head of European Politics and Institutions Programme
EU enlargement, Western Balkans, democracy, citizen participation, populism, political parties

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