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EU enlargement to the Balkans

The prospects for the Balkan countries’ accession to the EU, and the challenges this poses for both the Union and the countries seeking to join, are an important focus for the EPC’s work. There are two priority areas in this field. The first is to explore the ways in which the EU’s enlargement policy and conditionality towards the Balkans can be improved, so that it can achieve convergence between the two sides prior to the region’s accession. At the same time, a second priority is to address the lukewarm support from the EU capitals towards enlargement to the Balkans, which undermines the policy’s credibility and its transformative power in the region.

In carrying out its activities, the EPC fosters contributions from civil society and organisations working on the ground in the Balkans, particularly the European Fund for the Balkans and CEP Belgrade/TEN network.


Kosovo's EU candidate status: a goal within reach?
By Corina Stratulat , Zephyr Dessus , Albana Merja , Albana Rexha - 28/06/2017
Western Balkans / COMMENTARY
An independence foretold - and a foregone conclusion
By Antonio Missiroli - 04/03/2008


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      Citizen participation, disinformation, democracy,
EU reform, Western Balkans, EU enlargement

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