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Labour Migration Governance Task Force

The Task Force meets under the banner of a project entitled ‘Which labour migration governance for a more dynamic and inclusive Europe?’, commonly referred to as LAB-MIG-GOV. The project is coordinated by Turin-based research institute FIERI ( and enjoys the support of the ‘Europe and Global Challenges’ programme promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and VolkswagenStiftung.

Under the framework of the project, the EPC, in cooperation with FIERI, is committed to setting up a task force with EPC members and relevant stakeholders in order to exchange views on the way the EU should – or shouldn’t – design its labour migration policy. The rationale for carrying out the project stems from the observation that, given the new possibilities for EU-level labour migration governance offered by the Lisbon Treaty, new thinking is needed.

More specifically, the Task Force will seek to address the key issue of whether a common EU policy on admission of migrants would help to provide solutions to societal challenges such as demographic change, ageing societies, and labour and skills shortages?  During a series of three workshops, the Task Force will work to produce a set of recommendations on the future governance of labour migration at EU level.

The Task Force is chaired by Ferruccio Pastore, Director of FIERI, and coordinated by Yves Pascouau, Head of Migration and Diversity programme.

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