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Connecting Brussels and Berlin
Germany will take over the EU Council Presidency in extraordinary times. The economic, social and political consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic pose a severe stress test to the EU’s cohesion and capacity to act. And yet expectations are high. The country is under a lot of pressure to turn this 'Corona-Presidency' into a success and lay the groundwork for the EU to come back stronger and more united after this health crisis.

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) and the European Policy Centre (EPC) will join forces to connect the EU policy debates in Berlin and Brussels. Throughout the Germany Presidency, we will carefully assess its impact in several concrete policy fields and, at crucial stages, give concrete recommendations on its direction and execution. In doing so, we also want to encourage an exchange of views on the future of the EU and Germany's role in it.



Connecting Europe Project Leader and Senior Policy Analyst
European integration, German and French EU policy, Franco-German relations, EU party politics, democracy, rule of law and civil society
Policy Analyst
EU Governance, Germany, Better Regulation, European elections, future of Europe

Junior Project Manager Connecting Europe

Democracy, youth and education, diversity and gender equality

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