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Reconciling the digital with the social

‘Reconciling the digital with the social’ is a collaborative project between the European Policy Centre (EPC) and Google. The objective is to research the complexities of reconciling the potential of new technologies to enhance economic growth and societal development with their risks.

Digitalisation has and will continue to impact European societies. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to bring about transformative changes across various sectors, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation. However, the rapid advancement of AI also raises complex ethical concerns and potential risks, such as biases in decision-making, privacy infringements, and job displacement. 

In this context, the objectives of the project are to:

  • Examine how AI can act as a catalyst for a fair digital transition, maximising opportunities and minimising its risks.
  • Research the potential negative impacts of new technologies on labour markets, education, governance, and automation.
  • Investigate pathways to achieve the goals of the European Skills Agenda 2023 and the 2030 Digital Compass through digitalisation.
  • Propose concrete recommendations to implement digitalisation as a value-add for Europe, citizens, and economies.



Artificial Intelligence / DISCUSSION PAPER
AI and the future of work: Linking generative AI with social, economic, and labour market policies
By Tommaso Grossi , Giulia Torchio , Auriane Técourt - 12/03/2024


Policy Analyst
Labour rights, inequality, the digital economy,  economic governance,  international politics,  social protection and the welfare state
Junior Policy Analyst
EU digital policy, internet paradigms, artificial intelligence, transatlantic relations
Research Fellow
Generative AI, ethics of data and AI applications, transport justice and policy, simulation modelling for policymaking

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