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Security and Conflict Resolution in the South Caucasus

The EPC-LINKS project focuses on the role of the EU and its Special Representative for the South Caucasus in the region’s conflict resolution processes, in particular Nagorno-Karabakh, with a special emphasis on how confidence-building measures can contribute to peaceful conflict resolution. Through engagement with key stakeholders in the region, including parliaments, think tanks and civil society, the project also focuses on internal developments in the countries themselves, the prospects for regional co-operation, the future role of the EU in the region and the role of other regional actors, in particular, Russia.


Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution”: Time is Pashinyan’s worst enemy
By Amanda Paul , Dennis Sammut - 30/05/2018
Nagorno-Karabakh / COMMENTARY
The EU cannot remain a passive observer of the Karabakh conflict
By Amanda Paul , Dennis Sammut - 07/04/2016
Neighbourhood policy / POLICY BRIEF
Nagorno-Karabakh and the arc of crises on Europe's borders
By Amanda Paul , Dennis Sammut - 03/02/2016
Nagorno-Karabakh / BOOK
The South Caucasus - Between integration and fragmentation
By Amanda Paul , Dennis Sammut , Zaur Shiriyev - 21/05/2015


Deputy Head of Europe in the World Programme and Senior Policy Analyst
Turkey, Ukraine, South Caucasus, security and conflict resolution in the Black Sea, EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood, Enlargement, counter-violent extremism

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