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Strategic Compass Initiative

The EU Strategic Compass, adopted in March 2022, is the document at the core of the EU's security and defence agenda. It reflects the direction taken by the EU in developing its strategic objectives, while its goal is to "guide the development of the EU security and defence agenda for the next ten years". This will come about through the implementation of a list of deliverables over the coming years.

Through a series of policy dialogues, closed-door roundtables, and publications, the EPC Strategic Compass Initiative aims to:

• identify and analyse current EU priorities in the security and defence domain;
• assess the state of play vis-à-vis  the implementation of the Strategic Compass;
• analyse the next steps in meeting the goals set by the Compass;
• bring together multiple stakeholders from the EU, NATO, EU Member States, the US, and other partners.

With the Strategic Compass Initiative, the EPC aims to contribute to the European debate on security and defence, provide expert input to EU decision-makers, and create a multistakeholder space for discussion. Furthermore, the EPC intends to inform and increase awareness among European citizens on the latest developments in EU security and defence policies as well as foster cooperation among European think tanks working on these topics.  

For further information on the project, please contact Mihai Chihaia at


Senior Adviser
EU’s international role, future of Europe, global trends, transatlantic relations, multilateralism, democratisation, strategic foresight, scenarios, enlargement
Policy Analyst
European security and defence policies, Middle East political and security issues, EU-Middle East relations, Black Sea security developments, hybrid threats
Junior Policy Analyst
Eastern Partnership, Transatlantic affairs, terrorism & radicalisation

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