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ToBe is a three-year Horizon Europe project led by the University of Tampere that brings together acknowledged scholars on different dimensions of sustainable development and societal change. It aims to build a theoretical and empirical understanding of a sustainable well-being economy by developing integrated policies and transformative indicators.

The project will:

  1. Study how mindsets, indicators, innovations and policies could better work together towards the sustainability paradigm and what pathways will lead there.
  2. Bring together green growth and post-growth initiatives to develop a novel understanding of economic growth and incorporate environmental and social justice when conceptualising sustainable well-being.
  3. Use transformative indicators to build an ecological macroeconomic model to assess integrated policy packages.

The EPC’s Well-being Economy Policy Lab is responsible for co-creating policy recommendations with various stakeholders based on the project’s academic research.



Senior Policy Analyst

Social Europe, economic governance, wellbeing economy, Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Just Transition, demographic change, the future of work

Policy Analyst
Labour rights, inequality, the digital economy,  economic governance,  international politics,  social protection and the welfare state

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