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Britain and Europe: A new settlement?

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Graham Avery , Fraser Cameron , Malcolm Harbour , Andrew Duff , and others

Date: 28/04/2016
The Brexit referendum on 23 June is of the utmost importance for the future of both Britain and the EU, yet so far there has been an alarming lack of strategic vision and positive narratives about Britain’s historical and future role within Europe. This new EPC publication ‘Britain and Europe: A new settlement?’ draws on past experience to make the case for more positive British engagement with the EU. Contributions from fourteen prominent Britons who have extensive first-hand experience of the EU institutions provide important insights into events which have shaped – and still shape – our Union. For those who are seeking information on what the EU actually does from those who have actually been involved in it, this is a must read.
“This collection of elegant and forceful essays by people who actually know what they are talking about should raise the level of debate as we make a fateful decision in June on the future of Britain and Europe. If reason and evidence still count for anything in politics this book demonstrates clearly why the sane answer this summer should be to remain with our friends in the EU.” – Chris Patten, former EU Commissioner
“This book offers an accessible and authoritative overview of the UK’s role in what the EU has achieved, and how the UK has steered the EU towards its own national interest. The prominent authors shed light on the inner workings and leadership behind the EU-UK relationship as well as correcting many misconceptions of the role the UK has played. It provides a timely rebuttal to those calling for a distancing of the UK from European decision-making, which would leave Britain on the side-lines, and encourages the British people to realise the full potential of their European heritage.” – Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council

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