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Chapter 3 - Prioritising circular economy to boost European competitiveness

Circular economy / BOOK
Julia Okatz , Janez Potočnik

Date: 17/04/2019
Janez Potočnik and Julia Okatz recognise that growth based on natural resources has improved living standards around the world and enabled many of the most successful European industries. They argue, however, that this model has reached its limits. To further increase prosperity in Europe and beyond, we need to create a new kind of economy according to the principles of a new paradigm that decouples growth from resource use and impacts. The authors set out why and how circular economy should be made a priority in the EU’s next politico-institutional cycle of 2019-2024. The rationale is obvious: the transition to a circular economy carries enormous, underdeveloped, possibilities. It can significantly boost economic growth, while reducing environmental and health impacts.

Read the paper here

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