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New members of the EPC Governing Board

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Date: 29/03/2021

Franziska Brantner, Susan Danger, Brigid Laffan, Alexander Stubb and Nathalie Tocci join EPC Governing Board

The European Policy Centre (EPC) is thrilled to announce that five new members are joining its Governing Board: Franziska Brantner, spokeswoman for European politics for the Green Party in the German Bundestag; Susan Danger, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU; Brigid Laffan, Irish political scientist and currently Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute; Alexander Stubb, former Finnish Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister, former MEP and ex-Vice-President of the European Investment Bank; and Nathalie Tocci, Director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Rome, and Special Advisor to EU High Representative and Commission Vice-President Josep Borrell.

All have, in their own fields, made considerable contributions to how the European Union has been shaped and built over the past few decades, to its policies and decision-making, and to the debate on the future of Europe.   

"We are excited to have so many distinguished new members joining the Governing Board. All bring something unique to the table, and their input will help the EPC to be more strategic, more ambitious, and more influential," said Fabian Zuleeg, EPC Chief Executive.

Chaired by former EU Ambassador to the United States, David O'Sullivan, the Governing Board is responsible for setting out the EPC's strategic direction and monitoring and evaluating its operations. The new members' varied experiences, expertise and insights will add fresh and forward-looking perspectives to the Board's reflections and the EPC's efforts to make European integration work.

The EPC would also like to thank outgoing board members Jacki Davis, Andrew Duff, George Pagoulatos and Ylva Tivéus, whose terms officially expired. 

"We are incredibly grateful for the time, support and counsel they lent to the EPC, especially during this exceptionally challenging past year. I'm happy to say we will continue to work together on specific projects in the future, such as the EPC Update,” added Chief Executive Zuleeg.

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