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The new frontier of European integration after Next Generation-EU: Looking back, looking forward

Marco Buti , Marcello Messori

Date: 27/03/2024

To tackle the domestic and geopolitical challenges the European Union faces in the short and
long-term, we need to rediscover the spirit of Jacques Delors approach.

In this Discussion Paper, the authors propose that a new compass will be needed to redefine the macroeconomic policy mix, complement the new fiscal rule book, strengthen economic governance, and revamp the European Union’s growth model. As recently proposed by a “Manifesto for Europe”, leaders and policymakers should construct a “gradual and pragmatic federalism.”

Examined are aspects of some of the fundamental and institutional contributions, which led to the Maastricht Treaty and the creation of the European Economic and Monetary Union. Also analysed are contributions that provide an understanding of the problems that emerged in the post-pandemic period, which identifies the main areas of intervention that, after the European elections in June 2024, the new EU institutions will have to address.

Read the full paper here.
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