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Corina Stratulat
Associate Director and Head of European Politics and Institutions Programme
Corina Stratulat is Associate Director and Head of the European Politics and Institutions Programme. Her work at the EPC focuses on EU institutional developments and enlargement towards the Balkans. She holds an MPhil in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Cambridge, UK and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute, Italy. Her main research interests include comparative Central and East European politics, parties and party systems, elections, democracy, populism, EU institutions, the Balkans’ EU integration, and enlargement policy.


European Politics and Institutions


EU enlargement to the Balkans, European Citizens' Consultations, Populism and illiberal democracy, The citizens' participation toolkit to EU

Areas of expertise

EU enlargement, Western Balkans, democracy, citizen participation, populism, political parties

Current positions

Associate Director
Head of European Politics and Institutions Programme


PhD in Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, Florence
MPhil in Contemporary European Studies, University of Cambridge
BA in Integrated Social Sciences, Jacobs University


English, Romanian, Italian, , French



Citizen participation / DISCUSSION PAPER
Participatory democracy at the EU level: How to break the invisible ceiling?
By Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis - 11/03/2024
EU enlargement / EPC ROUND-UP
Enlargement Package marks a turn in policy to the East
By European Policy Centre - 14/11/2023
EU enlargement / COMMENTARY
From rhetoric to action on enlargement: A three-pronged way forward
By Corina Stratulat , Teona Lavrelashvili - 11/09/2023


EU enlargement / QUOTE
Stratulat: Paket proširenja EU je šizofren
Corina Stratulat's contribution to the EPC's Round Up on the 2023 Enlargement Package was mentioned in an article by Beta News Agency. 

Read the article here. (In Serbian)

Stratulat: Paket proširenja EU je šizofren
15 November 2023 - ,
Beta News Agency
Interview with the Guardian
Corina Stratulat's statement on Serbia's snap elections and the country's prospects for enlargement was featured in an article by the Guardian. 

Read the article here.

Interview with the Guardian
01 November 2023 - ,
The Guardian
Citizen participation / INTERVIEW
EU Parliament pushes for more participatory tools for Europeans
Corina Stratulat was interviewed by Euractiv on the implications of the latest European Parliament report calling for more participatory tools at the EU level. 

Read the full article here.

EU Parliament pushes for more participatory tools for Europeans
18 September 2023 - ,

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