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Paul Taylor
Senior Visiting  Fellow, Europe in the World Programme
Paul Taylor is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Europe in the World Programme and a member of the Defence/Security EUrope project. He is also a freelance columnist for The Guardian.

He worked for nearly 40 years for Reuters, the international news agency, as a foreign correspondent, bureau chief and editor in Europe and the Middle East. He was based in London, Paris, Tehran, Bonn, Brussels, Jerusalem, Berlin and Cairo. He specialised in transatlantic diplomacy and defence as NATO correspondent (1983-86), Diplomatic Editor (1997-2001) and European Affairs Editor, (2001-2016).

Prior to joining the EPC, he was a senior fellow in the Peace, Security and Defence programme of Friends of Europe, where he published a dozen studies on different aspects of European defence cooperation. He was also a columnist on European affairs for POLITICO and the New York Times/International  Herald Tribune.

He has an MA in Modern History and Modern Languages from Balliol College, Oxford University, and speaks fluent English, French and German. A dual French and UK national, he is based in France.


Europe in the World


Security and Defence

Areas of expertise

EU politics, NATO, transatlantic relations, security in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Arctic, Sahel, nuclear deterrence. 

Current positions


MA Modern History and Modern Languages (Oxford)


English, French, German


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