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Ethics matters: The role of ethics and integrity in policy making in all non-medical research

Tuesday, 04 February 2020

While research ethics are commonly associated with medical research, non-medical research, with its role in influencing policy-making, can also have a significant economic, social and environmental impact. By exploring the topic of ethics in non-medical research, this conference will provide a day of inspiration, learning and exchange.
The conference will explore the relationship between evidence-based policy advice and research ethics and integrity in non-medical research. Through dialogue between researchers, ethics experts and policy-makers from a wide range of disciplines, the conference will cover questions such as: Who are the experts behind the policy advice? How are the experts chosen and how are they informed? How can transparency and trust be established and maintained? How can policy-makers be assured that the evidence they seek is based on ethically sound research produced with integrity?
Coordinated by the consortium of PRO-RES (a Horizon2020 project on Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Non-medical Research), including the EPC, the conference will offer insights into the research ethics and integrity framework developed by the PRO-RES consortium.

For registration and further information on the agenda, follow this link: Registration/Agenda

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