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Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Blockchain

Wednesday, 08 May 2019

A blockchain is effectively a database that is validated by a wider community rather than a central authority. While blockchains are often associated with the bitcoin cryptocurrency, its potential extends far beyond financial transactions and is already making its entry into other sectors. In the not-so-distant future, services such as waste collection, traffic, transport, and infrastructure management could be run through blockchain platforms. While many are putting great hopes on this technology, suggesting that it could have the same impact the Internet has had on communication, others are more reserved about its prospects and raise questions about its scalability and energy consumption.

What are we currently using blockchains for? What are the limits and challenges linked to the use of blockchains? How is the technology evolving and how can we make it less energy-intensive? These are some of the questions that this event sought to address. This was the fourth event in the EPC’s Disruptive Technologies Series, supported by Dell, which overall looks at the opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies for business and society, and its implications for EU policies.

Speakers included: Annika Hedberg, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre, Peter Hinssen, Co-founder & Partner, nexxworks, Nkiru Uwaje, Blockchain Strategy Lead UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies, Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain, DG CONNECT, European Commission.

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