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How to overcome the current crisis in Turkey-EU relations

Wednesday, 16 September 2020


HE Faruk Kaymakcı
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Director for EU Affairs, Republic of Turkey


Amanda Paul
Senior Policy Analyst, Europea Policy Centre


The European Policy Centre is pleased to invite you to this Sixty Minutes Briefing with Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister and Director for EU Affairs, Faruk Kaymakcı, on 16 September.
Turkey and the EU share many common interests and have deeply rooted ties in many areas. Yet, this strategically important relationship has been plagued by problems for years. Turkey’s frozen EU accession process has had a particularly toxic impact on relations, with Ankara claiming that the EU has treated Turkey differently from other candidate countries. Meanwhile, EU concerns over what is seen as democratic backtracking in the country, along with uneasiness over a number of Turkey’s foreign policy escapades, have further blighted relations. Today, the escalating dispute over maritime borders and natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean that has pitted Turkey against Greece has plunged EU-Turkey further into crisis, with several member states calling for the EU to place sanctions on Turkey at the forthcoming EU summit on 24-25 September
At this Sixty Minute Briefing, Deputy Minister Faruk Kaymakcı will look at the prospects for Turkey-EU relations, including setting out his views on how the current crisis can be overcome. His initial comments will be followed by a question and answer session chaired by EPC Senior Policy Analyst, Amanda Paul.

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